Fussy baby

Specialist help for fussy eating, food refusal and stressful mealtimes

Meet Perth-based occupational therapist, Lauren Pike.

Lauren works with fussy eating, sensory processing difficulties, attention/concentration difficulties and regulation.

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Meet Perth-based paediatric dietitian, Elizabeth Beaton.

Liz is a specialist in Fussy eating, childhood weight management and nutrition for kids.

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Meet Perth-based paediatric dietitian, Dr Kyla Smith, PhD.

Kyla is a specialist in introduction to solids and fussy toddlers.

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What's on offer...

feeding difficulty

Appointments in your own home

Packing up your kids and getting to a health centre can certainly be a challenge! An appointment at home means you and your child can feel comfortable in your own environment. Appointments available in Perth, WA.

baby led weaning

Email and phone consultations

Sometimes parents have a few quick questions about nutrition and growth that don't warrant a whole appointment. Or sometimes they just need a quick bit of advice. Email and phone consultations are perfect to meet these needs.


Parents feeding

Mother's group info sessions

Parents often talk to each other about what they feed their children. Most parents usually have a couple of questions about food that their friends can't answer. Mother's group sessions offer an opportunity for you and your friends to get together and have these questions answered.