In-home appointments (Perth metropolitan area)

These appointments are best suited to families who are experiencing tricky mealtimes and fussy eating, or have concerns about their child's weight.


In these appointments, Liz or Lauren will come out to your house to meet you and your child. In-home appointments ensure that your child feels comfortable in their normal environment. It also means that you can relax knowing you don't have to pack up your child and entertain them in the waiting room and during the appointment.


In-home appointments are usually about an hour. It is useful to see your child eating and drinking during this appointment, especially if you have concerns about their biting and chewing skills.


Most fussy eating issues are best helped with at least an initial home visit. The number of in-home appointments following this varies between families and depends on the degree of complexity of the mealtime issues. As a general rule, most families benefit from 1-3 in-home (or clinic) appointments and further follow up by phone or email. See here for appointment packages that incorporate multiple appointments. Fill in our booking form here.

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Clinic appointments

These appointments are perfect to follow up from an initial home appointment. Lauren practices from the Western Kids Health Clinic. The clinic is situated in Mount Hawthorn at 2/84 Matlock St.

Liz practices from the Bateman Clinic. This clinic is situated at Unit 3/24 Parry Ave Bateman.  

At these appointments, we fine tune our initial plan and then usually get your child involved in some positive food exploration. This is lots of fun and often messy! Liz and Lauren can teach you ways to help your child to build confidence and learn to trust new foods.

The number of clinic appointments needed varies between families. After school appointments are also available. Fill in the booking form here

Phone calls and email consultations (Perth and Australia-wide) 

These appointments are best suited to dealing with your queries relating to your child's eating habits.


You might want to know about how much your child needs from each of the food groups, or how your child's current intake compares to nutritional guidelines. Perhaps you're interested in how to plan children's meals, without relying on the same food or recipes all the time. You might like to know more about managing food-related issues such as constipation. If you have concerns about your child's growth, or reliance on milk for nutrition, then these appointments may also be useful to you.


The length of these appointments depends on the number and type of questions that you have. The pricing will reflect the complexity of your query. See here for more information about the pricing of phone and email consultations. If you would like a quote for your query please click here to fill in our request form.

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'Mother's group' appointments (Perth metropolitan area)


This type of an appointment is an informal question and answer session held with a group of 7+ parents. Both Mums and Dads are welcome! This one-off appointment is best suited to a group of parents who would like to know more about nutrition and feeding-related topics. This can be particularly useful in Mum's groups just before everyone is about to introduce solid foods. Sessions can also be delivered as part of a playgroup, and can be especially useful when the children are around 18 months old, as this is commonly a time when toddlers can become more fussy.


Mother's group sessions usually last for about one-two hours. Most questions usually generate interesting discussion, and cover topics that are relevant to all parents. 


If you talk about food and mealtimes with your Perth friends who have children, then one of these informal sessions may be suited to your next mother's group catch up. You can enquire here.