Chewsday review- Bird's Eye Li'l Fishies

Today's Chewsday Review comes to you from the frozen section of the supermarket. A couple of brands have recently come out with fish and veggie nuggets to rival the standard chicken option. Today's nugget is a Bird's Eye variety with 'hidden' veggies. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Hoki (fish), vegetables (potato, corn, carrot, peas, onion), wholemeal wheat flour, water, canola oil, wheat flour, wheat bran, wheat starch, tapioca starch, wheat gluten, salt, yeast, sugar, potato starch, glucose, acidity regulators, chia flour, black pepper. 🔹Hoki is a fish used widely in manufactured fish products, and is the fish used in McDonalds Fillet of Fish. The fish contributes 28% of the final nugget. 🔹The vegetab

Chewsday Review- Vaalia Kids Yoghurt

It seems that making yoghurt for kids is BIG BUSINESS. Seriously, there's a new yoghurt on the supermarket shelves (usually in a sucky pouch) every week. I've had a few requests about these yoghurts so I'll head back into the dairy aisle for the next Chewsday Reviews. Today's feature yoghurt is Vaalia Kids Tropical Yoghurt. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Whole milk, skim milk, water, sugar, milk solids, tropical fruit, rice starch, gelatin, flavours, acidity regulators, live cultures. 🔹The tropical 'fruit', which is mainly pineapple juice and orange juice, makes up 3% of this product. A serve of this yoghurt provides about 3% of a serve of fruit. 🔹Gelatin and rice starch give this yoghurt its thick text

Should I hide vegetables to get my child to eat them?

Most advice about feeding kids urges parents to sneak those veggies in as often as you can. Just slip some beetroot into your kids’ brownies, disguise some pumpkin in their macaroni & cheese and hide the cauliflower in their mashed potato. “More nutrients, and they’ll never know!” So, to hide or not to hide? Some of you might think you know where this article is going. I’ve been openly on “team don’t hide veggies” since the dawn of time. But lately I’ve been realising that there’s not just one right way to do things. There never is! So, this blog is my starting point to help you understand the bigger issue and then you can make your own mind up. Today I’m talking about my concerns with veggi

The best yoghurt for kids? Chewsday reviews from Dr Kyla

Due to popular demand, I've reviewed kiddie specific yoghurts. See how they stack up against each other, especially the calcium and saturated fat contents! So without further ado, I present Calciyum yoghurt 🔶Ingredients: milk, concentrated skim milk, cream, strawberry, and then sugar. 🔹Great to see that sugar contributes less than 4% of the total product. 🔹This is one of the only yoghurts that doesn't have sugar listed second or third on the ingredients list (which would mean it's the ingredient in the second or third highest concentration!) 🔹Contains live cultures, in the form of B. Lactic (common probiotic used in yoghurt) 🔶 The positives: 🔹25% less sugar than other kiddie yoghurts (

Biscuits for kids- which ones get the tick of approval?

I've had a number of requests for cracker reviews, as in cracker biscuits as opposed to cracking good reviews. But I'll aim for both. So, in this post we'll be looking at children-specific crackers, as well as those marketed to the whole family. I'll keep adding more reviews- so stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram every Chewsday (Tuesday!) This cracker is the Little Bellies corn cakes- beetroot and apple flavour. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Corn (85%), beetroot juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, citric acid and an emulsifier. Remember that juice concentrate is the fruit with the pulp and fluid removed, leaving mostly the sugar. 🔹Essentially this cracker a corn cake, with sweet juice past

Dietitian reviews of snack foods for kids: Chewsday Reviews

Today's food product is Carman's original fruit and nut muesli bars, suggested by a lovely Chewsday reader. A quick, nutritious snack or just junk? 🔶Ingredients: 🔹This is a slightly tricky ingredient list to interpret, but basic facts suggest it's 77% muesli. The muesli ingredients include oats, dried fruit, sunflower oil, nuts, seeds, golden syrup, oat flour and cinnamon. 🔹if 77% of the bar comes from muesli, then obviously you want to know what the other 23% of ingredients are. Well, according to the information panel, it's just glucose (sugar) and natural vanilla flavour. So essentially, this product is Carman's muesli, with sugar to bind it. Keep reading- this isn't as bad as it s

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