Chewsday Review- Heinz Spaghetti

Last week saw the humble baked beans featured on our Chewsday Review and they got top marks from me. This week I thought we'd do another pantry staple- tinned spaghetti. I've chosen the Heinz salt reduced variety. How does this stack up in the nutritional stakes? Let's see... 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Spaghetti (53%), tomato sauce (47%) [tomatoes, sugar, salt, cheese, food acid (citric acid)] 🔹Common allergens include: milk/dairy, gluten/wheat 🔶The positives: 🔹Fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content all meet healthy guidelines. Sodium content is 30% less than regular tinned spaghetti. 🔹Convenient, and keeps well in the pantry. 🔶The negatives: 🔹Less than half of the protein content of baked b

Kiddie of the Month!

This is Charlotte, our Kiddie of the Month for March. Charlotte is 3. She’s always found eating a bit tricky, even when she was a baby. She was quite colicky and often unsettled, on both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. She started solids early but had a few issues with gagging and vomiting at first. She also had some constipation, which might have affected her appetite. Charlotte is a very independent and clever little girl, and she can’t be tricked into doing anything she doesn’t want to do- especially trying new foods! Her parents have noticed that she’s gradually cut out some of her favourite foods over the last year. Charlotte is also very sensitive to the different properties of food-

Chewsday Review- Heinz Beanz Salt Reduced

Great parent request for this week's Chewsday Review asking about the salt and sugar content of quick tinned meals like baked beans and spaghetti. Today's review is of the Salt Reduced Heinz Beanz, and I'll save the spaghetti for another day! 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Navy beans (51%), tomato sauce (49%) [tomatoes, water, sugar, maize thickener, salt, food acids (acetic acid, citric acid), flavours] 🔹Common allergens include: nil 🔶The positives: 🔹An easy way to eat vegetables! Baked beans count towards the recommended 2.5 daily serves of vegetables for toddlers, and 4.5 daily serves of vegetables for older kids. 🔹Fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content ALL meet healthy guidelines. Sodium conte

Fork Talk- with Tara from Baby Guru Nutrition

Welcome to the VERY FIRST Fork Talk interview. Today's guest is the wonderful Tara, aka The Nutrition Guru, from The Nutrition Guru and The Chef, and Baby Guru Nutrition. Tara is a university-qualified nutritionist (she also lectures for the Sunshine Coast University) and provides simple, no nonsense advice in a world of nutrition misinformation. Tara is famous for her #nowankery approach to nutrition! Her husband is a practising chef and her daughter, Lucy-Belle, is 2 years old. Here she answers our Fork Talk questions and shares her approach to feeding her family. Meal plan or wing it? Totally wing it. Meal plans completely freak me out, and I find I actually waste more food that way. My h

Chewsday Review- Kiddylicious Banana Fruity Puffs

Another week, another food for babies to practice their self-feeding. I tell you what, food companies are getting smart with their marketing and really getting on the Baby-Led Weaning bandwagon. Today's product is Kiddylicious Banana Fruity Puffs. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Corn flour (75%), banana fruit powder (14%), sunflower oil, natural banana flavouring, iron, thiamin. 🔹Common allergens include: nil 🔶The positives: 🔹No added sugar. Total sugar is 13g per 100g which scrapes in under 15g as per healthy guidelines. 🔹No added salt, which means a sodium content of zero. I'm not sure I've seen any products with absolutely no sodium in any recent reviews! 🔹Saturated fat content within healthy guide

Chewsday Review- Rafferty's Garden Yoghurt Buttons

Today's Chewsday Review product is a bit mysterious. No one quite knows whether it's a nutritious choice. It's made of 97% real fruit and yoghurt (thank goodness they don't use that fake fruit and yoghurt!). Kids seem to love them, which always makes parents suspicious! So, I present to you, Rafferty's Garden Yoghurt Buttons. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Yoghurt (skim milk, whole milk, sugar, skim milk powder, cultures) (95%), tapioca starch, strawberry purée (2%), gelatine, natural flavour, beet juice, mixed tocopherols, ascorbic acid, maltodextrin (corn), vitamin E acetate, vitamin A acetate. 🔹Common allergens include: milk products 🔶The positives: 🔹Relatively low fat content (4.9%), and just scrap

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