Chewsday Review- Kiddylicious Raspberry Crispie Tiddlers

The baby food aisle contains so many products 'designed' for babies and toddlers. But are these products actually necessary, or even worthwhile? Today I recap a review of Kiddylicious Raspberry Crispie Tiddlers (seriously- who comes up with these names?!) 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Apple (juice concentrate and purée concentrate) 87%, puffed rice, pectin (gelling agent), citrus fibre, raspberry juice concentrate (1.5%), sunflower oil, natural colour (carrot juice concentrate), natural raspberry flavouring ( 🔶The positives: 🔹No added sugar (as in table sugar). But this is actually quite misleading (see the negatives below!) 🔹Almost 5% fibre (although it only works out to 0.5g per serve. Kids aged 1-3

Chewsday Review- Organic Dinosaur Puffs

Snack foods for kids are a whole market in themselves. But very few of these foods meet healthy eating guidelines. The companies spend a lot of time trying to convince you of the benefits of their product, but it's often just a lot of smoke and mirrors. So, how do these organic puffs hold up? Many of my fussy kiddies would quite like the dinosaur shapes! 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Corn (64%), sunflower oil (13%), rice (12%), cheddar cheese (6%), dried leek (3.5%), quinoa (1.5%) 🔹All the ingredients are certified organic (but remember this tells us about how the ingredients are grown, not the nutrient content) 🔹Common allergens include: milk products. May contain traces of soy. 🔶The positives: 🔹I

Chewsday Review- Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusk

Another baby rusk for this week's Chewsday Review, although this time it's a dissolvable rusk rather than a hard rusk. I've chosen Baby Mum-Mum First Rice Rusks in a vegetable flavour. It's allergen free and a food that feeding therapists use regularly to teach self-feeding skills. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Japonica rice (67%), potato starch, pear juice, kale powder (0.45%), carrot powder (0.33%), cabbage powder (0.33%), spinach powder (0.25%) 🔹Japonica rice is one of two major categories of rice (the other being Indica rice) and includes a variety of short and medium grain rice. 🔹Common allergens include: nil. This product states that it is free from common allergens and manufactured in a nut fre

Chewsday Review- Only Organic Teething Rusks

Some awesome requests coming in for Chewsday Reviews. Today I'm back in the baby aisle to review Only Organic Teething Rusks. These are the particularly hard, long rusks (as opposed to the dissolvable options out there). I've had a few followers attempt to make homemade versions of these (often dairy or gluten free) with limited success. So, if you have a good recipe- feel free to share! 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Wheat flour, skim milk powder, wheat germ, yeast, salt, iron 🔹The flour and the milk powder are organic. Remember that this doesn't mean any more nutritious than non-organic. 🔹Wheat germ is part of the wheat whole-grain and provides a natural source of fat, vitamins and minerals. 🔹Common

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