Chewsday Review- Lil Fishies (Hoki & Hidden Veggies)

Today's Chewsday Review comes to you from the frozen section of the supermarket. A couple of brands have recently come out with fish and veggie nuggets to rival the standard chicken option. Today's nugget is a Bird's Eye variety with 'hidden' veggies. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Hoki (fish), vegetables (potato, corn, carrot, peas, onion), wholemeal wheat flour, water, canola oil, wheat flour, wheat bran, wheat starch, tapioca starch, wheat gluten, salt, yeast, sugar, potato starch, glucose, acidity regulators, chia flour, black pepper. 🔹Hoki is a fish used widely in manufactured fish products, and is the fish used in McDonalds Fillet of Fish. The fish contributes 28% of the final nugget. 🔹The vegetab

Which spread to put on your child's bread?

Most kids LOVE bread. Whether it’s toast for breakfast or sandwiches for lunch, bread is usually a staple in most households. There are lots of nutritious breads out there (you can read my reviews of a decent white bread and a wholemeal option here). But, how good are the spreads we use on bread? Here are my opinions on bread spreads, and a few different options for you to consider. Vegemite An all time favourite (particularly for our fussy eaters out there!) Vegemite is made from leftover brewer’s yeast and contains almost no fat, very little sugar, and a good source of B vitamins (these are essential for brain function, a healthy nervous system and energy release from food). BUT, it is par

Chia jam recipe

Here's a dietitian's version of jam 🍓This healthy alternative includes strawberries for fibre and chia seeds for protein and omega 3s. Strawberries are coming into markets now at a reasonable price and if you're anything like me, you can use up that stash of chia seeds you've had lingering in the back of the pantry for ages 👍🏼 Using strawberries also means the 'jam' is naturally sweet, so needs very little added sugar for taste! ⠀ Ingredients: 1 cup of strawberries 🍓 🍓(I used tired looking ones that weren't going to get eaten fresh!) juice from 1/2 a lemon 🍋 1tsp brown sugar 1tbsp of chia seeds Method:⠀ Chop strawberries and simmer on low heat for 5-10 mins with a splash of water 💦

Please, ask for professional help!

So, I’ve just had a sleep specialist come out to my home to help me manage my baby’s sleeping (or lack thereof). It has changed my life so much, and I can’t believe I didn’t ask for help earlier! My experience has really put me in the shoes of our fussy eating clients, so I thought I could share with you what I’ve learnt. THE COMMENTS People would say “Oh geez I didn’t realise it was that bad?” There’s a perception that your child’s sleeping or eating difficulties have to be HORRENDOUS for you to seek professional help. Like they can only sleep for 1 hour or eat one food for you to ask for assistance. NOT TRUE! If your child’s sleeping or feeding cause you ANY stress, then please go and get

Chewsday Review- Ingham's Dino Chicken Nuggets with Veggies

Lauren and I work with so many fussy eaters, and we know how much they love to eat plain, white, easy-to-chew foods. Chicken nuggets are often a fussy eater’s staple food. Most parents would prefer if their kids ate other sources of chicken (that’s where we can help to expand the variety of foods your child will eat) but for many kiddies, chicken nuggets are LIFE! So, which ones to choose. Let’s look at the Ingham’s Dino Chicken Veggie Nuggets- surely with chicken and veggies these would be a good option for your fussy eater? 🔶Ingredients: chicken breast (34%), Flour, Wheat Bran, Water, Vegetable Oil, Corn (6%), Carrot (6%), Soy Protein, Gluten, Salt, Yeast, Semolina, Natural Flavours (Milk

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