"The truth about fussy eating"- Dr Kyla's Review

OK so who tuned into the SBS documentary “The Truth about Fussy Eating?” I did, but I was wasn’t confident it would do our cause any justice. Here’s what I thought… WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE We open with the voiceover warning us of “a DEADLY new eating disorder”. Uh oh. Then a boy’s Mum tells us “We probably thought he was going to DIE.” More uh ohs from me. This boy is now “LEGALLY BLIND, basically because he didn’t eat his veggies.” They actually said that… OK so this is wayyyyyyyy over the top. I hate that TV shows have to sensationalise everything. I understand that this boy had significant medical and nutritional issues, but this is not ‘the truth about fussy eating’. Your child WILL NOT go bl

Whole Kids Organic Cookies

Today's Chewsday Review features Whole Kids Organic Cookies (Vanilla and Milk). Whole Kids have had their dinosaur puffs reviewed in a previous Chewsday post (they weren’t nutritionally outrageous!), and they claim to have only ’real ingredients’ in all of their foods. But can cookies really be a good choice? Let’s have a closer look… 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Butter (32%), flour (30%), oats (21%), coconut palm sugar (12%), milk powder (3%), vanilla extract (0.5%), baking soda (0.5%), other stuff (0%) 🔹All of the ingredients are organic. Remember that organic doesn’t mean healthier or more nutritious. 🔹Coconut palm sugar doesn’t cause environmental issues or hurt the orang-utans (like palm oil), bu

Chewsday Review- Real Foods Corn Thins

Today's Chewsday Review features Real Foods Corn Thins (Multigrain). As you know from previous reviews, I’ve been critical of other crackers out there like these and these. I’m always suggesting rice or corn cakes as an alternative. But what’s actually in them, and are they an everyday choice? Let’s have a closer look… 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Maize (78%), sorghum (7%), brown rice (7%), buckwheat (5%), millet (2%), sunflower oil, sea salt 🔹Maize is just another word for corn and sorghum, buckwheat and millet are just other gluten free wholegrains. 🔹Common allergens include: sesame and soy 🔶The positives: 🔹Saturated fat and total fat content within healthy guidelines. 🔹The corn thins are a sourc

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