Chewsday Review- Cob's Popcorn Sea Salt

This food has been requested for a Chewsday Review about eleventy million times. And quite rightly- who doesn’t love popcorn? This is my favourite brand from a taste point of view, but let’s see how it stacks up nutritionally. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Popcorn (80%), sunflower oil, sea salt 🔹Common allergens include: nil but may contain traces of milk due to shared equipment. 🔶The positives: 🔹Saturated fat within healthy guidelines. 🔹Great source of fibre with a 20g packet providing 15% of a pre-schoolers daily fibre requirements. 🔹Sodium (salt) content is within healthy guidelines at 360mg/100g (although this is nearing the upper limit of 420mg/100g). Given that each packet is only 20g, this re

Chewsday Review- Ajitas Vege Chips

Another week, another veggie chip. Interestingly, these chips masquerading as vegetables seem to be pretty dodgy… Let’s see how the original vegetable chip compares. Today’s Chewsday Review features Ajitas Vege Chips in natural flavour. 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Cassava (60%), tapioca flour, sunflower oil, sugar, shallot leaf, salt, sesame seeds 🔹Common allergens include: sesame seeds 🔹Cassava is a root vegetable, often consumed in developing countries (a bit like a potato). 🔶The positives: 🔹Saturated fat within healthy guidelines. This is the same as Red Rock Deli chips and most lentil chips, and these chips contain about half the saturated fat content of Smith's original chips. 🔹Contain some f

Chewsday Review- Macro Quinoa Puffs

Thanks so much for all of Chewsday Review requests. Some really brilliant suggestions. Today’s review was asked for multiple times, so without further ado- here’s my take on Macro Quinoa Puffs in Cheeky Chicken Flavour 🔶Ingredients: 🔹Quinoa flour (40%), maize flour, wholegrain sorghum flour (10%), chickpea flour, chickpea fibre, rice flour, sunflower oil, natural flavouring, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, potassium chloride, sugar, dehydrated chicken powder, spices, vegetable oil. 🔹Maize is just another word for corn and sorghum is another gluten free wholegrain. 🔹Common allergens include: nil 🔶The positives: 🔹This food is a source of fibre, unlike most snack foods. Each pack (18g)

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