Chewsday Review– Edgell Snack Time tins

It can be so hard to find nutritious protein foods for kids who struggle with meats. Tinned or cooked beans are great replacements, but sometimes they can be a little bland. Baked beans are great, but they tend to be pretty salty. Edgell have just released a range of small cans of flavoured beans. We tried them this week and today’s Chewsday Review features Chick Peas with Zesty Vinaigrette. 🔶Ingredients: 🔷Cooked chick peas (71%), water, sunflower oil, vinegar (3%), spices (chilli, celery, black pepper, cumin), sugar, garlic, food acid (citric), parsley (0.2%), salt, lemon juice concentrate. 🔷Common allergens include: nil 🔶The positives: 🔷 The saturated fat and sugar are well within hea

Chewsday Review- Abe’s Bagel Crisps with Vegemite

Bagel crisps with a classic like Vegemite, what’s more to love? (At least it’s not in chocolate this time, right?) I don’t know about you but “bagel crisps” sounds so much more fancier than “potato chips”. Well, today we will see whether they really belong as a bagel or if they’re just another chip. 🔶Ingredients: 🔷Wheat flour, water, canola oil, bagel base [sugar, enriched wheat flour, malted barley flour, wheat gluten, firming agent (calcium sulphate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), salt, enzymes], flavour (4%), (contains barley, milk), Vegemite (2%) [yeast extract (contains barely, wheat), salt, mineral salt (potassium chloride), malt extract (from barely), colour (caramel III*), flavours,

Chewsday Review- Health Lab Kids Probiotic Bites

Enter the world of: Probiotic snacks for children! Health Lab Kids Bites comes in three flavours, choc, berry and apricot. The following review is on the choc probiotic bites. Is this an important food to offer for gut health? Let’s see… 🔶 Ingredients: 🔹Dates, pumpkin seeds, coconut, cacao (9%), coconut oil 🔹Probiotic component (2%): Inulin – this is a type of fibre, probably used in this product as a PREbiotic (more about this soon), Bacillis coagulin – this is the probiotic AKA ‘healthy’ bacteria 🔶 The positives: 🔹Very low in sodium! 🔹Contains probiotics which are good for little tummies. The amount is displayed on the ingredient list and nutrient panel, which is a good sign. Probio

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